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SOLEYADINE Corporate is ready to plan our corporate event from start to finish. First, we meet with you face-to-face to hear what you have in mind. Then we propose a custom solution tailored to your requirements. Drawing from experience, we recommend excellent vendors able to deliver high value-add. We undertake to be present at your event, whether our event is a small-group gathering or a large-scale social affair.

Our seminar services

- Places to study and stay

Authenticity and modernity
Welcoming and refreshingly different

-> An excellent working environment.

*Reception rooms and meeting rooms of varying capacities

*A broad range of accommodations (e.g. luxurious, country houses in a traditional style, chateaux, parisian loft appartement, hotels…)

*A wide selection of geographical locations (e.g. Avignon, Honfleur, Montauban, Reims, Aix-en-Provence, Paris, Megève…)

- Think-tank sessions / Brainstorming

Stimulate creativity (ideas and original solutions)
Inspire team spirit (fellow feeling, confidence and cohesiveness)

-> Capitalize on individual talents to improve collective decision-making.

*Conventions, conferences and day-long study sessions…

*Communication workshops focusing on various techniques (acting, public speaking, self-assertion and personal development), as well as introductory sessions (e.g. to artistic fencing, stunt performance and martial arts).

*Management games (e.g. murder mystery, treasure hunt, live escape games…)

- Creativity / Team-building and incentive

Motivation and limit-pushing
Dynamism and originality
Availability and professionalism

-> Team bonding and motivation-boosting.

*Sports activities (e.g. one can opt for a golf challenge, quad biking, karting, an introduction to race car driving, climbing, hiking, paragliding, a first flight in a fighter plane, a cycle rally, a sport or vintage car rally, sports contests with prizes, rowing, a regatta or sailing in catamarans)

*Cultural, artistic and creative activities (e.g. cooking classes, an introduction to enology with wine-tasting, sensory workshops to educate the palate and recognize aromas, an introduction to fragrance-making, games of giant Clue, a film quiz as well as games of chance, manual dexterity or precision)

- Social events / Entertainment / Relaxation

Exchange and sharing
Enthusiasm and emotion

-> Stress management, getting better acquainted and building team spirit.

*Cocktail parties, gala evening events, small business lunches, product launches…

*Fun evening events (e.g. zumba and retro evenings…)

*Relaxation at special workshops or at the spa…

Our assets

Originality et creativity

Availability and professionalism

Dependability and appropriate solutions

Our leitmotif : we aim to surpass your expectations

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